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Uchikake Kimono

Contribution du public
Kariya City, Japan
Circa 1997
Matériaux et techniques
Silk, metal, cotton
Numéro d'identification
Museums of Mississauga 2010.6.6
This gold Uchikake kimono is embroidered with colourful nandia leaves and lined in red silk. It is one of ten formal kimonos presented to the City of Mississauga by the City of Kariya in honour of the opening of the Living Arts Centre in 1997.

Uchikake style kimonos are very ornate and worn open as a coat by brides over their long sleeved ‘furisode’ kimonos. They have plump, padded hems and are extra-long and are heavily embroidered usually with metallic gold or silver threads. The nandia leaves come from a bush found in Japan that often has clusters of berries; it is believed that they have the power to make bad fortune disappear making it a popular motif to find on family crests and textile designs.

Mississauga has had a twinned or sister city relationship with Kariya City since 1981 as a way to develop between the two municipalities. In addition to friendship, both cities have enjoyed a growing exchange of cultural and educational opportunities, and Mississauga now boasts over 80 Japanese companies contributing to our local economy.
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