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Birch Bark Basket

Contribution du public
Prince George, British Columbia
Matériaux et techniques
Birch bark; Sewing, bark cultivation
Granny Seymour
Numéro d'identification
The Exploration Place 2003.44.1
Margaret "Granny" Seymour, "Matriarch of the North," died in March of 1966 at an age estimated to be 114 years. She spoke Carrier, French and English and was relied upon as a midwife and healer. Her specialized wisdom about herbs and roots was widely respected. Because she had believed her knowledge of healing medicine was God-given, she shared the cures freely. "Medicine is grown and put on the earth for us to use; to make use of it, not to sell," said Granny.

Her reputation reached beyond Prince George and brought famous visitors to her home. Prime Minister Diefenbaker and his wife paid their respects during a 1962 visit. In 1963, Billy Graham’s associate, Dr. Leighton Ford, came to meet and pray with Granny.

More than 250 people attended her funeral mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on March 9, 1966 — a confirmation of the affection and respect she had earned. This was the last basket made by Granny Seymour before she passed.
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